Intelligent Contact

Our compliance data solutions and lead generation are designed from the ground up to help you grow your business. We help you acquire new profitable customers, re-engage with lapsed customers, cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers.

Our highly trained sales associates can generate branded leads in real time and drive high quality calls and enquiries through to your business.

We know all business’ face different challenges so why settle for a one size fits all approach to your direct marketing. We will spend time prior to any campaign gaining insight to your unique business challenges and tailor solutions that truly meets your needs.

Compliance is key

It’s often difficult to keep on top of a constantly changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment. We put data protection and compliance at the heart of everything we do. All our services adhere to both your legal obligations and industry best practice.

Customer Care

With modern communication tools and changing customer behaviours it’s more complicated than ever to engage with your customers. We offer multi-channel communication solutions to help your business build direct marketing programmes fit for the requirement of the modern consumer.

Our vision represents what we do each day. This is more than a set of business words, because our vision reflects who we are at our core, a people-focused business of dedicated professionals, speaking  a variety of languages and solving your challenges with customer experience gives your company a significant competitive advantage whilst helping you attract and retain more customers.

Your organization needs to deliver an optimal customer experience at each and every service or sales touchpoint, building a relationship with the customer that nurtures loyalty and spurs revenue growth. The reality is that it can be a nearly impossible goal for companies that don’t have the right efficiency, operational insight, locations, or first-hand knowledge of industry best practices that help reduce customer effort and optimize the customer journey.

Ortexchange eliminates the hurdles and stumbling blocks which contact centres have to face, in order to allow an effortless experience throughout the customers journey. We use our unique visibility into the entire journey of the customer to design and deliver the optimal customer experience for your brand, tracking and measuring throughout our engagement to provide continuous improvement.

Ortexchange helps you achieve your customer experience goals, be it a higher Net Promoter Score, better first contact resolution, reduced customer effort, or other key business metrics.

Everyone agrees that keeping your current customers loyal and maximizing customer lifetime values are critical to sustaining your company’s success. The question is how? We have the answer.


RETENTIONS - Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Customer retention is a major focus for companies in nearly every industry today—after all it’s far more cost effective to keep your current customers than it is to acquire new ones. But for the contact center to have a measurable impact on reducing customer defection, it needs insight into the drivers of customer churn, which customers are likely to detect, and the best way to drive a more positive outcome for those customers and your business.

Build Relationships and Increase Lifetime Value

Ortexchange provides the actionable insight, proven technology processes and highly trained sales associates to measurably improve customer retention and reduce turnover. We start by delivering a relevant and contextual customer journey that builds a deeper relationship with all of your customers.

Then we’ll take advantage of the wealth of data available from operations, finance, voice of the customer, and more to shed light on the drivers of customer defection and the behaviours that signal intent to leave. Using our analytics programs, we will identify customers with a propensity to detect and segment them into groups by potential return on investment.

We target those customers with the greatest potential for high lifetime customer value with specific interactions designed to retain them. We do this by routing at-risk customers into specialized units of uniquely trained and coached agents. Our agents are supported by technology solutions that empower them with real-time tools and information so they can match the right service or offer with the right customer. The result is that you retain more customers and increase the lifetime value of the customer relationship.

Deliver Personalised, Compliant Service

Stringent regulations, stiff competition, higher fraud risk, profit margin pressures, and increasing consumer expectations all make for a highly challenging environment for financial service organisations. We can help you address these challenges by delivering better, more personalized, and compliant customer service across the customers preferred channels to improve their satisfaction and loyalty.

We are aware of the industry standard for due diligence when it comes to complying with the regulations that impact your business. We can design, deliver, and optimize compliant, cost-effective customer experiences for your target audience.

Deliver the Support Your Customers Needs to Keep Pace with Your Ever-Changing Industry.

Daily software changes, weekly upgrades, monthly rollouts of new devices. The pace of change in the technology industry is unrelenting. Ortexchange can help you address your industry and business challenges by delivering an effortless customer experience that builds loyalty and grows revenue. Your customers receive an excellent customer experience at all levels and tiers—from new users with routine questions, to IT professionals requiring advanced technical support from engineers with deep experience and advanced certifications. Whether in your store, on their smartphone, using chat from their desktop, or on the phone, your customers expect nothing less than seamless and easy service experiences regardless of the channels they use. Ortexchange solutions for retail optimise customer service and sales across channels to improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty, grow revenues, and reduce operational costs. We handle more than 2 million contacts across multiple channels.

Create an Effortless Customer Journey

Regulatory changes, continued economic pressures, and evolving business models are combining to create disruption and drive transformation in the financial industry. Amid these changes, maintaining and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty is more of a business imperative than ever. Ortexchange can help you deliver the kind of effortless customer journey that drives long-term loyalty and higher customer lifetime value. With us, your customers will enjoy consistency and committed customer service while your business reduces operating costs for customer care.

Make Every Interaction Count

Let’s face it, meeting revenue numbers consistently gets harder and not easier as your company grows. How can you get the predictable sales performance that you need?

Every interaction is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with the customer and drive additional revenue—but only if you do it right. Therefore, first you must acquire more customers and retain more of the customers you already have while selling an increased amount of your products and services. It takes a deep understanding of your customers and prospects, their expectations, their wants and needs, as well as their preferences to increase conversion rates and deliver consistent sales performance.

Grow Your Revenue

Ortexchange help you build your business by finding and acquiring new customers and helping customers spend more. Taking a holistic approach, we provide a high performance sales culture that combines unique data sources, analytics, technology, and outsourced sales professionals to identify prospects who have the potential to become high-value customers, determine how and when to engage with them (including which channel) and offer them the right proposition at the right time to drive higher conversion rates.

Ortexchange can help you maximise the value of the relationships you have with your customers, whether they are consumers or other businesses. We transform data into intelligence to build rapport and optimize the results of each interaction—whether that’s reactive when a customer contacts you or proactive, outbound selling. Our proven sales programs can help you achieve your desired business outcomes—higher conversion rates, greater revenue, better customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, and more.

Engage Your Customers

Focusing on Customer Care, helps you build relationships by delivering a personalised, direct customer experience.

Providing exceptional customer care helps you build relationships that improve satisfaction, loyalty, and increase revenue growth. Let Ortexchange help you deliver a personalized, multichannel customer experience that meets your customer care and business goals while lowering your service costs. We combine decades of experience with our integrated, end-to-end solution of advanced analytics, marketing technology processes, and global outsourcing to design, unify, and optimise customers satisfaction.

Make the Right Offer, at the Right Time - Whether you’re selling to other businesses or consumers, we can help you grow revenue with personalized offers and interactions that resonate with your customers.

We can also help you make sure that they continue to choose to do business with your company. We identify customers with a propensity to defect and target those customers with specific interactions designed to retain them. Routing at-risk customers into specialised units of uniquely trained sales associates enables us to use real-time tools and information to improve customer retention, reduce turnover, and drive long-term customer loyalty.

This does not constitute investment advice

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