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What is Ortexchange?

We believe so much in performance as it is important for the successful completion of a task with application of knowledge, skills and abilities. Our market analysts have good ranking with the hypothesized conception requirements of analysing the crypto market strategically and increasing your portfolio assets whilst you are in control.

We are an independent cryptocurrency infrastructural fund management that combines deep industry expertise with industrial best practice operational management. Our current equity fund, ORTEXchange II, makes equity assets in high quality infrastructure assets in the cryptocurrency and commodities sectors, where we possess deep experience and strong relationships. ORTEXchange II, manages up to 1500 accounts for its investors. Additionally, the accounts in ORTEXchange II portfolio have combined revenue of up to £750,000 and employ approximately 25 people.

ORTEXchange maintains a clear asset approach that is based on four core components: Well Resourced Team, Focused Strategy, Dedicated Operational Capability, Transparency and Disclosure.

Our Vision:

We believe that everyone should be part of the digital cryptocurrency asset market, that’s built on a secure blockchain platform.

We understand that it’s a new and volatile market which may seem intimidating, so we want to help you navigate this space, giving you peace of mind whilst limiting your risk. By working alongside our expert market analysts, we can help you manage your portfolio and bring you up to 300% returns whilst you’re in control.

Why Trade Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency/commodities is a new, exciting and rapidly evolving marketplace where a lot of returns can be made. However, yes there is risk but with risk comes massive reward. This market since 2017 has seen record breaking growth rate and some of biggest increases in value of ANY currency ever known to mankind. Some of the leading cryptocurrency have seen astronomical growth rates as high as up to 35,000% over a single year. This is a small outline of the potential rewards of returns.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset, electronic peer-to-peer currency; essentially, it’s a newer form of asset with no physical counterpart that’s 100% digital. They store and transfer value as much as traditional physical money, but they do so more securely, efficiently and in less time. Built on strong cryptography, it’s almost impossible to counterfeit or hack cryptocurrency assets. Some of the defining features of Cryptocurrency is what it is used for - trading, remittances, payment for goods and services, investment, gambling, private monetary transactions and as a hedge against national currencies (FIAT) which are suffering from rapid devaluation/inflation (Greece & Venezuela for example).

Key properties: Fast and Global, Safe, Secure and you’re in control.


Is ORTEXchange registered?

Yes. ORTEXchange complies with all applicable UK company house laws and regulations in the UK jurisdiction in which it operates.
No money transmission license is required to operate a digital currency business.
We are required to comply with many financial services and office of fair trading laws, including:

  • The Bank Secrecy Act, which requires us to verify customer identities, maintain records of currency transactions for up to 5 years, and report certain transactions.
  • The Data Protection Act/GDPR, which requires us to designate a compliance officer to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, create procedures and controls to ensure compliance, conduct training, and periodically review the compliance program.
  • With the Financial Service Authority - Currently, no license is required to operate a digital currency business in any other country where ORTEXchange operates.
  • Financial Information centre is a trade name operated by ORTEXCHANGE LTD
  • Registered Office: No 1 Universal Square, Business centre, Devonshire St, Manchester M12 6JH.
  • Company Registration No: 11392641 VAT Reg: BRCT00000090023
  • Authorisation ICO Registration number: ZA451757

The personal information that you provide in connection with registering yourself as a user of the site(s) or of the services is classified as “Registered Information”. Registered Information is protected and safely stored on secure servers that only authorized personnel have access. ‘Registered Information’ through our website or systems is encrypted after submitting and only know by us. We encrypt all personal information with the necessary effort to prevent unauthorized parties from viewing any such information. If your Registered Information changes, you must inform us accordingly by emailing us at:

Only employees who need to know your personal information in order to provide you with services are permitted to access Registered Information. In order to restrict unauthorized access and safeguard non-public personal data, we employ procedural, electronic, and physical safeguards that are compliant with applicable laws and regulations


How can I contact ortexchange Support?

Working hours Monday to Fridays (9am – 5pm) +44 7378417052

Opening times 24/7 trading plus live online chart. (We are awake for you)

Customer Service Team – Cryptocurrency trading takes place 24/7, so customer support should always be available. Our Customer Service Team has got over 15 years’ experience between them - as customer service agents and over 4 years’ experience in cryptocurrency trading. Give a call to the customer service centre to get an idea of the type of services provided and find out the representative’s ability to answer questions regarding spreads and leverage, trade volume, company details and a one-to-one conversation with our highly experienced team.

Can I open an ortexchange account if I’m under 18?

New Policy - As of July 25, 2017, you must be 18 or older to access Ortexchange services. 

All underage ORTEXchange users who opened accounts under our old policy will be notified of this change and will be given ample opportunity to remove funds from their accounts before the accounts are closed. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us or review our User Agreement if you have any questions.


Ortexchange Tax centre?

Tax FAQ - Disclaimer: Ortexchange is not authorized to give tax advice. Tax laws and regulations change frequently, and their application can vary widely based on the specific facts and circumstances involved. You are responsible for consulting with your own professional tax advisors concerning specific tax circumstances. Ortexchange disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy or adequacy of any positions taken by you in your tax returns.

Quarterly Statement of Account:

We would generate a single report detailing all buys, sells, sends and receives of all currencies associated with your own ORTEXchange account. This report provides your cost basis for all purchases and proceeds for all sales, inclusive of ORTEXchange fees.

How to send a Complaint?

We are constantly aiming to improve our products and services and have made significant refinements in customer service within the past 6 months. 

If you have previously reached out to our Customer Service Team, and you find that you have an issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, ORTEXchange offers an escalated complaint process. We want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our service.

Our complaints procedure is described under the Legal & Compliance tab, please read it so that you have all the details on how the procedure works. If you feel our Customer Service Team has been unable to resolve your issue or you are dissatisfied with the resolution, please send your complaint using the complaints form here.

If you don’t have an existing case, we ask you that you work with our Customer Service Team first, to resolve your issue before submitting a complaint through the ORTEXchange Customer Complaint Resolution Process. When you send your complaint, please provide as much detail as possible about the cause of your complaint. It’s important that you also indicate how you would like us to resolve the issue to your satisfaction and your rationale for this outcome.

You can use the Supporting Documentation button to attach any files that can provide additional information.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your complaint, you will receive a response acknowledging that we have received it. Within 15 business days, our Complaints Resolution Officer will provide you with a written decision addressing the issues raised in your complaint via electronic mail to the email address associated with the account. In some circumstances we may contact you for further clarification to your submission and will do our best to respond within a timely period.

What level is my account?

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out improvements to your ORTEXchange account that will increase your buy and sell limits. We are introducing Account Levels to make it faster and easier to get started using ORTEXchange.

Using Account Levels, you will be able buy up to £2,500 a day with a bank transfer, have immediate access to us trading your digital currency purchases, and help you sell the full balance of digital currency in your account. We hope that this increased flexibility will result in a better cryptocurrency asset management experience on Ortexchange.

What do the different account levels enable me to do?

Each level unlocks additional features for your account. By choosing a certain account type information, you’ll gain access to all the prepositions that comes with that account and unlimited cryptocurrency asset management service on your personal ORTEXchange account. You’ll also be able to buy and sell digital currency immediately without needing to wait for your deposit to arrive.

Are they any restriction on how much I can withdraw?

Account Level will increase your buy and sell limits and allow you to start trading immediately without waiting for your deposit to arrive to us. However, you will only be able to withdraw FIAT currency out of your ORTEXchange account up to your maximum available balance. For more info about your available balance, please call our committed Customer Support Team number:

+44 7378417052 or email us:

What is the time scale of asset management?

Whenever you decided to withdraw your asset account balance, you can. However, all ORTEXchange account types are subject to its prepositional offer and if withdrawing before the minimum period stated, your account is subjected to a 33% fee charges of the total fund at the time of withdrawal. On the date of your minimum withdrawal length, ORTEXchange would be obliged to deposit up to 300% profit of your principal capital into your bank account. If the crypto market crashes on the date of your minimum withdrawal period, ORTEXchange would guarantee to give back your principal capital into your bank account.  

What is my available balance?

Your “Available Balance” is how much you can withdraw immediately. You can learn more about your available balance here.

This does not constitute investment advice

HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING 18+ only: Leveraged trading in foreign currency contracts, contracts for difference or other off-exchange products carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Before trading, you are strongly advised to read and ensure that you understand the relevant risk disclosures and warnings here: Risk Disclosure Statement . We advise you to consider whether trading leveraged products is appropriate for you in light of your own personal circumstances. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice and ensure that you fully understand all risks involved before trading. Trading through an online platform carries additional risks.

Trading in Cryptocurrencies is suitable only for experienced investors with a high-risk tolerance considering that products have very high volatility. You may lose all your initial investment in a short period of time. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take care to manage your exposure.

Please read the Terms and Conditions to completely comprehend the additional risks associated with trading CFDs in Cryptocurrencies.

Financial Information Centre is a trade name operated by ORTEXCHANGE LTD Registered Office: No 1 Universal Square, Devonshire Street, Manchester M12 6JH and The Company Registration No: 11392641 VAT No: BRCT00000090023 Authorisation ICO Registration Number: ZA451757